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case for industrial action tomorrow, not least because talks are still ongoing. it is only a minority of unions to have taken the decision to go ahead and strike. what i want to see tomorrow is as many moms and dads as possible able to take their >> are 163 statutory organizations in the national health service. can you tell us how many there will be in the top down reorganization? >> the all but i can tell the hon. gentleman, is that the health reforms that now have the support of the health minister
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will see a reduction in barack receipt, because they're getting -- let me give the answer to the question. the no. i was going to go by, from 163 to 521. health and the well-being board, authorize commissioning group, and the national commissioning board. fha clusters. clinical networks. mr. speaker, is this what you meant? >> do we not have the figures of saving. we are saving 5 billion pounds, and what we inherited was a situation where the number was going up four times as fast as the number of nurses.
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the number of doctors has gone up and the number of bureaucrats has gone down. >> we have more doctors and nurses than ever before. the shortest waiting list ever, and the highest patient satisfaction ever. he says that he will save money but he does not publish the figures. he will not show how much that he will spend. how much will he be spending on making the staff redundant? let me give him the figures on the costs and benefits of reducing bureaucracy. this is the answer that he will get. there'll be a cost of 1.4 billion over the next few years, but 5 billion pounds will be saved in total during this
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parliament with net savings of 12.3 billion pounds. we offered 11 billion pounds extra, and he was in the last election saying that he would cut this. >> you did not answer the question of how much he is spending on making the staff redundant. the answer is a hundred 52 million pounds are being spent on making the staff redundant. can you guarantee this house that none of the staff will be hired back to their old jobs? what we are doing is implementing. we are implementing the 20 billion pounds of cost savings sent out by the party officers when they were in government. but we're putting more money into this, one money the party does not support, so there'll be
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more doctors and more operations, compared with cuts from the party offices. >> mr. speaker -- let me ask this question again, because he did not answer this. will he tell us this simple question, can he guarantee that none of the people being made redundant will be hired back to their old jobs? this is a simple question. >> i know that he has this extraordinary vision, but it is not the prime minister who hires every person in every organization. the difference between this coalition government and the party offices is putting resources and in and reforming things with the rock college of surgeons, tony blair, most
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people working in the in a chest but not the party office. >> the prime minister should not have to shout to make himself heard. >> the whole country will have heard that he has admitted that 852 million pounds of making people redundant anti cannot say that they will not be rehired to do their old jobs. he promised a bonfire and he is paying more. teapot -- promised a better deal for the patience and things are getting worse. what is he doing for the national health service? >> what the whole country will have noticed is that at time when people are afraid of strikes, he cannot talk about this because he is in the pocket of the unions. at a time when greece's facing
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deficit problems, he cannot talk about this because his plan is to make great britain -- britain like greece. at the time when the economy is the key issue, he cannot talk about the economy because of his plans for tax cuts. this is what we see every week. he has a talk about the micro because he cannot talk about the macro. >> quarter. -- order, order. i asked you to reflect on what the public thinks of this sort of behavior. >> will the prime minister say
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that they will be turning over in their graves if they say the conservative sector doing this in england. >> my hon. friend has an extremely good. . i hope it is in order to talk about the record of labour in wales. what we see, if anyone wants to know what happened to the national health service, they can look over at wales, where they are slashing the budget and see more people waiting for a longer period that is what happens when the labor party is running the national health service. >> the leader of the opposition helped to create 300 more jobs, but because of his government and the reversal of policy, the
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renewable energy association says that the jobs and growth connected to this are in turmoil. who knows better, him or british business? >> if anyone is looking at what the government is doing, they can see a massive investment in renewable energy. the mass of incentives under the reno will initiatives. but we had to stop the abuse of solar power weather regime was not set in the right way. anyone will see a huge boost from this government. >> despite the gravity of the financial situation, the bank of england is comparing contingency plans.
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has the government also the team working on the details of a new treaty? if that seems probable, the european union will have to be considerably changed. >> on behalf of the house, great pleasure it gives me to refer to him as the right hon. gentleman. what i would say to the gentleman is that we have used the opportunity of a new treaty being put forward to protect the interests of great britain to get this out of the bailout mechanisms of the future. as new proposals come along we could use this again. but right now, the priority should be to work for stability because 40% of the exports go to countries in the euros zone.
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>> does the prime minister agree with the deputy prime minister that this is patronizing trouble. >> the deputy prime minister and night -- we agree about many things, but this is set down in the coalition agreement. i am a strong supporter in the institution of marriage and we should recognize this in the tax sector. >> and illegal migrant workers were arrested, and they were paying national insurance. why can't we prevent the illegal workers from getting national insurance numbers in the first place. and the tax authority should let them know that these people are not allowed to work.
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>> the application process for these numbers does include an identity check and the condition that the individual is entitled to work. national insurance numbers should not be given to those not entitled to work. we're working for a way to mark the national insurance numbers. >> at time when the national health services in financial pressure, will you tell me if you agree with his friends on that side of the house, the thing that costly tax breaks should be a priority. >> i do not agree. >> thank you, mr. speaker. the prime minister will be aware
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that core inflation is at the highest level. tell us what more that you can do to increase the demand that makes this very sluggish. i will tell you we have done to help the economy, we have abolished the escalator, making a difference of about six pence per gallon. we also allowed extra landing for business, and the corporation tax for small business. this is a small business- friendly government. >> thank you. four years ago, the prime minister said the extremist organization should be shut down immediately.
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why has he not the one he promised to do sometimes, to ban this organization? >> we have taken action against the taliban and we are looking closely at the boat. what they have said goes well beyond what a legal organization should say. >> given that the former labor pensions minister has said the current tensions -- would you agree that this is unacceptable for a small minority of unions to be disrupting the position tomorrow for thousands of people across the country? >> clearly, this is the issue. they simply do not want to talk about this. this is a small minority of unions that have gone ahead with action.
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i think that we are proposing is fair. you make the point that this was a former labor minister who has written a very good report, but say that as we live longer, we will have to contribute more to the public sector pensions, let me stress. the reason we do this is to safeguard the defined benefit systems for the future. there is a contract between the public sector workers, and we will support you in old age but this must be sustainable. >> is the prime minister aware of the concerns about the reprint -- repatriation of the bodies of our servicemen who were killed in active service, and can you tell us what arrangements and facilities will
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be put in place to express condolences and respect to the fallen, publicly? >> i am well aware of this. a lot of thought has gone into how to do this in the right way, and how to look after the families as the right hon. gentleman has said. and we should mark the passage -- and this will be done as well. >> after so many years of low assistance -- should we give them help when it comes to housing. >> we have put the military covenant into law for the first time, and this is part of making certain that military personnel are not discriminated against,
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but we should look into what we can do positively to help those who serve our country, positively. i would encourage others to do the same. in terms of government policy, we have a new policy in place under the housing act. i am happy to see that the housing minister is making certain that this is taking round in the other military bases to make certain that military personnel will take advantage of it. >> this is the first anniversary of the business committee. does the prime minister believe that parliament has become better at holding the government accountable. can we on blocked some of the legislation in the legislative pipeline? >> let me congratulate them. they have made a difference in parliament.
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it is quite right that the house of carmen -- commons can debate on the motion of their choosing at this time. i have discussed a range of issues from the very mundane to the quite obscure. i think that this is a good idea and i want to see this working, and i would like to take credit that this government allowed for this to happen. >> people in evon owe 200,00 0 pounds than the lest, burest,t the water bill is much higher. do you agree and got -- on a government subsidy for about 58 -- 50 pounds, --
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>> the issue of the excessive water bills in the southwest has been issue for many years. and within one year, this government has decided to lower the water bills of the households in the southwest. we will set our proposals in the waterway paper. >> 7 cross has raised fears about the viability of the residential care tester. will the prime minister inject urgency into the review of companies that provide care services? we need a plan to prevent the elderly from being removed from a place they call home. >> many of us have care homes run by southern cross and we are concerned about what is happening. the health department and the
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treasury and the business department are following this very closely. we're working to regulate the organization's properly. we'll take over the running of the care homes if necessary. we are planning for all of the contingencies in the correct way. >> given the cost of petroleum, will you support the fairfield campaign, to bring prices in the pomp and line with market prices -- prices by next january. >> i want to see every chance to pass lower prices on to the consumer. the government has taken their measures, with the abolition of the field as the letter that has them but in place and all these things will make a difference.
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and we took part in the release of oil stocks. the price of oil has come down somewhat, but we need a good, competitive sector that will pass along the price cuts. >> will the prime minister except that there is an urgency about this situation, with a belfast international airport. this is levied at 120 pounds when the competitors have simply a levy of three years. something must be done right now. >> i actually understand the point that he makes. i know that this is a personal concern to him. i also went to northern ireland and people explained the importance of keeping a link between northern ireland and the united states, important for the
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health of the province. the chancellor has spoken to people in northern ireland and we are reviewing these options. >> our colleague is currently walking from olympia, greece, to raise awareness of the olympic soldiers. will the prime minister make certain that when the resolution is tabled for the observance of the truth to the general assembly, that we will have specific proposals for peace and reconciliation to maximize this? >> i am certain the house will want to congratulate him. we will be promoting -- accidental, my apologies for that. we call for the continued
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observance of this truce, and we are considering other initiatives to promote this truce. >> mr. speaker, which be horrified to know that a person convicted of raping a child could be put on the list -- it >> well we have done is removed a huge number of people who are not arrested children but we want to make certain that anyone who has criminal convictions is barred. does the prime minister believe that the drug policy has been failing for decades, and does he agree that the government should discuss alternative ways,
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including legalization and -- legalization to help with the global drug epidemic. >> we should not legalize any drugs that are currently criminal, the drug policy has been a failure over recent years. we have to educate children on drugs, and one way to deal with this is to have a more effective treatments system. we spend too much time on heroin replacement rather than trying to get people clean, to clear up the things that force them to take drugs in the first place. >> has the prime minister and involved in a solution to the problems in sudan, and given the concerns of the united nations, about 60,000 people being
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displaced, and other huge humanitarian problems. will he make certain to see that they will work together. >> we are deeply involved in trying to find a successful outcome for this process. we find a process that has been ongoing. the foreign secretary has visited the country. britain has done a huge amount to make certain that the cpa has a peaceful settlement. i do keep a personal perspective on this issue as well. >> what does the prime minister think is more fair and progressive, with the 1 million pounds on the pension funds, which contribute directly to
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the benefit schemes in the private sector. >> i think my hon. friend makes a good point. 26 minutes into question time, there is nothing from the opposite party about strikes, simply, because they are all paid for by the trade issues, they talk about this issue. what the coalition government is doing is right. we want to have a benefit system in the public sector. we want to make certain that all of those rights are kept. and you'll be able to take this at the age that you were allowed to take them. those people currently in a salary scheme, when they get those approved benefits, they will be based on the final salary, and now when the refund -- reforms go through. there has been some much misinformation that was put around by some of those in the trade unions, that is important
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to put this on the record in the house. >> crime overall in london is up. they will cut 1800 police officers. is this the right time to do this? >> overall, crime is falling. this is in the british crime survey and the police recorded crime statistics. we have done a lot to help people across the country to deal with crime. the introduction of the police commissioners, making certain that we have the proper power as necessary. let me bring him up to date with operation target, which is running with the metropolitan police. 1200 officers everyday deployed.
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there have been 2000 arrests, and there has been a drop in offenses from week to week, and the most serious our street robbery and residential burglary. the fact is that they do not like to hear an answer when it shows that the police are doing their job. >> mr. evans? >> on the eighth of june, 1944, a relative of mine was shot down as he was giving supplies to the french resistance. he now is in an organdy churchyard. i think is proper that we should remember the lives of the 55,000 people who gave their lives to combat tyranny. >> it is important to remember those who served in bomber command.
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one of the -- it is a brilliant thing to make sure that relatives can see their fallen heroes. >> the government -- [unintelligible] the legalities to be, and a policy of life vastly with measures such as the fuel line, pension shaving -- what measures does the prime inister have -- minister have to make daughters work harder and longer for less money, and less claim -- >> i would say this to her constituency, is that this government is reforming pensions so we will have a more generous state return.
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someone retiring today is going to be 15,000 pounds better off over the rest of their lives than they would have been under the plans that they inherited. we have kept the free television license, and the benefits, and we are doing fair by the pensioners. >> the contracts that are there in public, does he agree with me that we should beat forming our own pension, so we can do with the constituency would take? >> i absolutely agree with the hon. lady. we are public sector workers as well and we should do the exact same changes we are asking others to take on. the increase in contributions should apply to this system, and should apply to this system, and we are right across

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